Maybe the coolest people are the ones who don't care about being cool.
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I need to go play football. I don't care about anything else.
I don't care about age very much.
I don't really care that much about being a matinee idol.
Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that'll be me.
I even have shoes that don't fit. They're just so cool, I wanted to have them.
Maybe I am a jerk sometimes. Maybe I'm not. I think most people are kind of a jerk once in a while.
Maybe one day there will finally be an education for electronic music.
The focus on my appearance has really surprised me. I've always been a size 14 to 16, I don't care about clothes, I'd rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze.
The freedom now desired by many is not freedom to do and dare but freedom from care and worry.
Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.

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I was sort of traumatized by girls in the third grade. Because there was a girl in my third grade class I had a crush on. I bought her a box of Valentine's Day chocolate. And I put it in her cubby with a note that said something like, 'I am deeply in love with you, Your Secret Admirer.' And I didn't sign my name.
A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain. Look at Albert Einstein. He rode a bicycle. He was also an early student of Jazzercise. You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there.
Children are very smart, in their own stupid way. A child's brain is like a sponge, and you know how smart sponges are.
Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly. It's disappearing. My mom is the only one who still writes me letters. And there's something visceral about opening a letter - I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting.
Nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard.
Maybe the coolest people are the ones who don't care about being cool.
I'm not good with pickup lines or flirting. I don't have that kind of self-confidence or natural charisma.
I'm not unattractive, but I'm not a matinee idol. I think I have a very non-threatening look - I'm fine, I'm right in the middle.
Relationships shouldn't be disposable. If there's something worth saving - not always the case, some relationships are irreconcilable - but if there is something that you determine is worth saving, then try to do that.
I don't text, I don't have a Blackberry. Literally, I just have a cell phone that I haven't programmed and the whole Bluetooth. No. I don't even have an earpiece for my cell phone.
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