Melody is disarming. It's anarchic!
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A melody is not merely something you can hum.
Melody is a form of remembrance. It must have a quality of inevitability in our ears.
Every soul is a melody which needs renewing.
Great melody over great riffs is, to me, the secret of it all.
My childhood was colorfully anarchic and punctuated by a lot of change.
Music is the melody whose text is the world.
The way I see it, there's only one melody for any song.
I write a melody and then change it and change it until I get it the way I like it.
If you're going to start with melody you'll need some tympani, I think.
As long as I can say what it is that I need to say, then I'll fit whatever I'm trying to say around a melody.

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As a teenager, in my songbook, I used to script what my lighting would be like. I used to dance in my roo;, it was like putting myself in a trance, and making myself feel good about things, almost like a private ceremony of begging people to like you.
Anyone who tries to diss me in comparison to Queen, it just renders all their criticisms completely futile. That's quite pleasurable.
Identity for me is something that has to be played with and explored, and not become complacent about or uninterested in.
I make mistakes. I say stupid things. I do idiotic things. And, quite frankly, I'm proud of them. Why not make mistakes?
You can't believe the amount of speculation you get over your private life.
I have opinions on everything. I'm a stubborn old mule. The biggest problem is keeping my mouth shut.
I wish I had more guts when I was younger because then I would've said things to people's faces instead of just running away all the time.
I was quite the quiet teenager. I was a bit of a loner, a little bit of an outsider.
I was always told I was ugly. I still think I am ugly. I know I've got an odd face and you can't tell me otherwise.
New York is a bit of a dangerous place to me because you often leave in a blur.
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