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A.A. Milne
I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.
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Frank Abagnale
I use a shredder for bank statements and phone bills. Most people use ribbon shredders that cut things straight: we can put those back together in an hour. Look for a security microcut shredder, which cuts papers into confetti.
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Chris Abani
The Igbo used to say that they built their own gods. They would come together as a community, and they would express a wish. And their wish would then be brought to a priest, who would find a ritual object, and the appropriate sacrifices would be made, and the shrine would be built for the god.
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Willie Aames
The Jews know who they are as a people. The Christians have not come together as a people yet.
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Grace Abbott
Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.
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Jeremy Abbott
I can do the tricks and I can skate. I have great skating skills and artistry and well-choreographed programs. For me, the biggest obstacle is just bringing it all together.
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Five guys on the court working together can achieve more than five talented individuals who come and go as individuals.
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Lascelles Abercrombie
An epic is not made by piecing together a set of heroic lays, adjusting their discrepancies and making them into a continuous narrative.
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John Abercrombie
Classical musicians do this all the time. They want perfection. So they piece things together. Eight bars of this and six bars of that. Glenn Gould said that with a recording he wanted to make perfect versions of pieces.
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Elliott Abrams
The question was never whether the United States, E.U., NATO, Arab League, U.N. Security Council, and African Union could together using economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and military attacks to bring Qaddafi down. The question was always how much time, how much blood, and what damage to NATO.
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Elliott Abrams
The United States and its Gulf allies, some of who are actively funding rebel groups in Syria, should undertake a serious joint review of Jordan's needs and then act together to meet them.
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Elliott Abrams
Both Bibi and Obama realize that they are going to have to face the problem of Iran together.
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Elliott Abrams
Israel and the Palestinians had been at the table together for decades until the Obama/Mitchell/Rahm Emanuel decision to demand a total end to Israeli construction froze not the settlements but the diplomacy.
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Bella Abzug
Our struggle was political, ideological and economic, and we felt we couldn't make something of ourselves unless we bettered society. We saw the two together.
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Candice Accola
I've dated people where we traveled horribly together, and if one thing went wrong, it was horrible for them. Then I've been fortunate enough to have great traveling experiences where everything lined up and even when things went wrong, you just laughed about it. You learn so much about yourself when you're traveling with someone.
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Grant Achatz
Ultimately, the perfect meal is when those things come together - circumstance, the food, ambiance, and you're with the person that you want to be with.
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