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John Lennon
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.
John Lennon
There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.
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John Lennon
I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?
John Lennon
As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.
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Paul McCartney
And, in the en
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John Lennon
The more I see, the less I know for sure.
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John Lennon
A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon
One thing you can't hide - is when you're crippled inside.
John Lennon
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be...
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John Lennon
If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.
John Lennon
Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.
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Jason Behr
If I could be in any band, I think it would have to be The Beatles. That would have been a lot of fun.
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Sid Bernstein
I was the first to promote The Beatles in the States, and Ed Sullivan called me first about them before he ever booked them on his television show.
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Miranda Cosgrove
I think the Beatles are a lot of people's favorite band.
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Robert Cray
I liked the Beatles because there was so much melody. Jimi Hendrix is still one of my heroes.
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James Durbin
The first time I heard The Beatles, I cried. It was 'Let it Be'.
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