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Frank Abagnale
What I did in my youth is hundreds of times easier today. Technology breeds crime.
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Frank Abagnale
Technology breeds crime and we are constantly trying to develop technology to stay one step ahead of the person trying to use it negatively.
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Willie Aames
We're seeing how the videos translate to the live shows and how the technology is really reaching kids.
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Tony Abbott
All of the people who are using their BlackBerries or their iPhones, Facebook, all of the people who are sitting in cafes and hotels rooms doing their work, they're all using wireless technology, and we shouldn't assume that the only way of the future is high speed cable.
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Marina Abramovic
Today, our attention is less than the television advertisement. We're looking at six or seven problems constantly. We're living in the disturbed societies of cities. I think modern technology is one of the worst things human beings have invented.
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Marina Abramovic
You know, everyone is always talking about plastic surgery, or the technology, what to do. I really think it's important to help yourself with the technology if you want to feel better, but I am absolutely against any kind of monstrous cuts of the body, lifting that is beyond recognition, this kind of stuff.
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Marina Abramovic
Because of technology, we don't develop telepathy. We don't use telepathy, but use, you know, the mobile phones. Why?
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J. J. Abrams
I love the idea of anthropomorphizing machines. I love the idea of taking technology and giving it a personality.
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Diane Ackerman
I'm certainly not opposed to digital technology, whose graces I daily enjoy and rely on in so many ways. But I worry about our virtual blinders.
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Bryan Adams
Focus on your music and not technology.
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Scott Adams
Technology will definitely solve all our problems, but in the process it will create brand new ones. But that's O.K. because the most you can expect from life is to get to solve better and better problems.
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Theodor Adorno
Technology is making gestures precise and brutal, and with them men.
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Ben Affleck
I started as a child, in this PBS series 'Voyage of the Mimi,' which led to driving down to New York for 'Afterschool Special' auditions, which led to moving to Los Angeles. I wanted to be an actor. But in L.A., I got into film technology, and I was building cheap editing systems and would edit my friend's acting reels.
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Shai Agassi
My passions were an intersection between peace in the Middle East and climate change. I know how to understand a technology problem, break it into its components and solve it. I also knew I couldn't make peace solely through technological inventions.
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Gianni Agnelli
All the technology of our production was still pre-War. They were sort of '38, '39 and the War had been stable and so we were infinitely behind whatever had been going on in the United States for instance.
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Gianni Agnelli
And the buying of new machinery meant not only the possibility of production, but even the new technology, 'cos as I mentioned before, we were back of seven, eight years.
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