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Chris Abani
That women are mysterious and unknowable is something every young man grows up believing. Men, on the other hand, never think of themselves as mysterious or confusing, and we are often at a loss as to why women want to figure us out.
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Chris Abani
I truly believe that writing is a continuum - so the different genres and forms are simply stops along the same continuum. Different ideas that need to be expressed sometimes require different forms for the ideas to float better. I don't write essays as often as I should.
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Chris Abani
My books are often shelved around those of Chinua Achebe and Margaret Atwood, or Chimamanda Adichie and Monica Ali. All of this depends, of course, on the bookstore and how conversant the shelf stocker is with the alphabet.
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Chris Abani
We often think that language mirrors the world in which we live, and I find that's not true. The language actually makes the world in which we live. Language is not - I mean, things don't have any mutable value by themselves; we ascribe them a value.
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Edward Abbey
Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second.
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Diane Abbott
Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it's critical to wellbeing.
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Diane Abbott
Outsiders often have an insight that an insider doesn't quite have.
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Jeff Abbott
I outline in some detail, but even after the outline is done I often get a new idea that is an improvement, so the outline is a living, breathing thing as well. I also re-outline when I'm two-thirds done, to be sure that there is an emotional payoff from all the plot lines and to be sure the story is as tight as it can be.
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Tony Abbott
It's very easy for Australians living in big cities to either romanticise or demonise the situation in Aboriginal places - to kind of look at things through the 'noble innocents' prism or through the 'chronically dysfunctional' prism, and I suspect that is so often the case.
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Sam Abell
Life rarely presents fully finished photographs. An image evolves, often from a single strand of visual interest - a distant horizon, a moment of light, a held expression.
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Sam Abell
My best work is often almost unconscious and occurs ahead of my ability to understand it.
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Movies can provide tear-inducing or comically-entertaining representations of love, but many agree that its deeper conflicting complexities often seem unfathomable.
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Karl Abraham
Psychoanalytic investigation has shown that in mental patients excessive affection often turns to violent hostility.
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Spencer Abraham
Putting the budget ahead of the policy is the wrong way to do it. It's too often the way it's done in Washington.
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Jack Abramoff
Well, I try to not view things through a prism of anti-Semitism, because often, people will use that as a sort of knee-jerk reaction to any criticism of Jews.
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Elliott Abrams
The intersection of religion and world politics has often been a bloody crossroads.
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