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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
I feel like I've always been a full-time historian, but nobody knows it.
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Lascelles Abercrombie
No poet will ever take the written word as a substitute for the spoken word; he knows that it is on the spoken word, and the spoken word only, that his art is founded.
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Lascelles Abercrombie
The world knows of a vast stock of epic material scattered up and down the nations; sometimes its artistic value is as extraordinary as its archaeological interest, but not always.
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Joseph Addison
The utmost extent of man's knowledge, is to know that he knows nothing.
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I don't write songs about a specific, elusive thing. I write about love, and everyone knows what it is like to have your heart broken.
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Alfred Adler
Man knows much more than he understands.
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My friends, whoever has had experience of evils knows how whenever a flood of ills comes upon mortals, a man fears everything; but whenever a divine force cheers on our voyage, then we believe that the same fate will always blow fair.
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Malin Akerman
How can you not love a man banging on the drums? He knows how to keep a rhythm.
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Azzedine Alaia
Bill Cunningham... he knows fashion better than anybody.
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Amos Bronson Alcott
Who knows, the mind has the key to all things besides.
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Sholom Aleichem
No one knows whom the shoe pinches - no one.
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Muhammad Ali
No one knows what to say in the loser's locker room.
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Mose Allison
But I got an audience that knows what I do. They usually show up, so I usually do pretty good.
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Christiane Amanpour
We hear foreign accents on CNN. It's crazy, it's wild, who knows, maybe they'll take you because you certainly don't fit in, in the American spectrum of news.
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Aldrich Ames
Espionage, for the most part, involves finding a person who knows something or has something that you can induce them secretly to give to you. That almost always involves a betrayal of trust.
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Martin Amis
Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough.
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