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Patch Adams
I make me. At 18, I decided I wasn't going to have an unconstructed self ever. I was going to be the composer, the designer, the architect of me. It's been really fun.
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George Ade
After being Turned Down by numerous Publishers, he had decided to write for Posterity.
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Lloyd Alexander
It was 1943. The U.S. had already entered World War II, so I decided to join the army.
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Karen Allen
Let's just say I decided that while my son is young I don't want to do projects that would take me away for months.
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Paul Allen
In the first eight or so years at Microsoft, we were always chained to our terminals, and after I got sick the first time, I decided that I was going to be more adventurous and explore more of the world.
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Mose Allison
I finally decided if I was going to make a living, I was gonna have to come to New York.
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Christopher Atkins
The guy who owned that island was from Oregon and he decided that he wanted to have an Oregon feeling to it, so he planted pine trees all over the place!
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Ali Babacan
The E.U. initially decided to end the isolation of Turkish Cyprus, to balance the accession of Cyprus. But the E.U. has not carried through on its promise.
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Jim Backus
I decided to try radio as a source of livelihood because I like to eat regularly.
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J. G. Ballard
I've decided to recast myself as Utopian. I like this landscape of the M25 and Heathrow. I like airfreight offices and rent-a-car bureaus. I like dual carriageways. When I see a CCTV camera, I know I'm safe.
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Ambrose Bierce
Consult: To seek approval for a course of action already decided upon.
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Mike Birbiglia
Creepy people do the things that decent people want to do, but have decided are not a great idea.
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Cate Blanchett
I went through a mod and goth-phase when I decided that I wouldn't ever be the bronzed beach-bunny. I started going as pale as I possibly could.
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Tom Bodett
Professor Al Drake encouraged me to just write the way I talk. I decided if that's what I needed to do, I didn't need to be in school to do it.
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Usain Bolt
People always say I'm a legend, but I'm not. Not until I've defended my Olympic titles. That's when I've decided I'll be a legend.
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John Bolton
I have decided not to run for president.
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