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There are certain things I want to keep to me. I don't discuss my private life.
life  Certain  Private  # 3062
Chris Abani
I read mostly Irish, African, Japanese, South American, and African writers. You can count on Scandinavian literature for a certain kind of darkness, a modern mythic style.
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Megan Abbott
I think it was Freud who said that we're all arrested at a certain age. For me, it was always 13.
age  Said  Certain  # 3428
Tony Abbott
If people are going to do things which have certain consequences that they would rather avoid, they should do whatever they need to avoid the consequences.
Rather  Whatever  Certain  # 3488
F. Murray Abraham
There are certain men and women who, from the minute they step in front of a camera, that's exactly where they belong. Connery's one.
men  women  Certain  # 3825
Elliott Abrams
While foreign competitors, French or Japanese or German, merrily bid for contracts abroad, American companies find themselves tangled in a web of legislation designed to express disapproval, block trade in certain commodities, or perhaps deny resources to disfavored or hostile regimes.
While  Themselves  Certain  # 4288
Elliott Abrams
In 2004, President Bush gave Prime Minister Sharon certain guarantees about American policy, but the Obama administration treated those as a kind of private letter having no binding policy impact.
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Jill Abramson
You can verify that in news meetings I sometimes say, 'This is skewed too far to the left,' or 'The mix of stories seems overweeningly appealing to a reader with a certain set of sensibilities, and it shouldn't.'
Far  Left  Certain  # 4449
J. J. Abrams
I have no style. There are certain people who just have a visual sense that defines their work. You could probably watch 30 seconds of anything they do and you'll know exactly who directed it. I don't have that skill.
work  sense  Certain  # 4527
J. J. Abrams
I think when you're 10 years old, it's too much to see something with the threat of death in every episode. Kids are better left naive about certain things.
death  Left  Certain  # 4531
Grant Achatz
In a lot of ways, a lot of smells that aren't necessarily edible smell good, and they remind you of certain aspects of food. So making those associations with what smells good or smells a certain way and pairing that with actual edible ingredients is one avenue that we take creatively.
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Brian Acton
There's a certain degree of speculation that goes into valuations. In so far as the market supports a valuation, everyone who gets a great one deserves it, but they should also be cautious because that speculation is temporary. I saw Yahoo go from $100 billion to $10 billion. It's not a long-term measure.
Great  Far  Certain  # 4865
Brian Acton
You have a certain identity that you present to the world on Facebook, and you have a certain identity that you present with the telephone, and they are different.
Certain  present  identity  # 4866
Peter Ackroyd
There are certain people who seem doomed to buy certain houses. The house expects them. It waits for them.
house  Certain  Seem  # 4886
John Acton
The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.
Whether  Free  Certain  # 4969
Brooke Adams
In films, you are a commodity. You are a look, something that the camera really likes, something that has struck an audience in a certain way. It's not really so much about transforming yourself the way actors do onstage. I think there's a difference between the skill of acting in movies and onstage.
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